Alin Dobre - On a journey to CTO

Throughout my career, I have been known as someone who is able to investigate and fix problems in all areas of Operations, Infrastructure and Software.

Designing and glueing various pieces of software together has been my creative work area for more than 10 years.

I am able to support teams deliver their best, motivate colleagues find space for better productivity.

In all large corporations roles, I acted both a technical leader and as a mentor, forming junior colleagues be focused and contribute their best value.

I have acted as a bridge between management and engineers and between upper management and teams. I also served as a manager for a small team of 3, but as a technical lead I have worked with both brilliant and problematic managers, being able to close any communication gap.

And lastly, I can automate. Whatever needs automated, be it complex Jenkins pipelines, everything "as-code", software packaging and delivery or node monitoring, I'm sure I can do it.

I'm currently in the process of advancing to a principal engineer role, with the long term outlook of becoming CTO.

My LinkedIn profile contains up to date information about me and my professional activity.